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All the Rkeg components are manufactured at a single location, automated, and certified in compliance with the most stringent international standards.

We offer comprehensive solutions for delivering Rkeg and blowing and filling equipment, including the modernization of the existing machines, from our partners.

Our specialists will ensure commissioning, debugging, and technical support within the entire service life of our Rkeg.

Our inventions are protected by national and international patents.

Rkeg is manufactured by Europlast, a plant located in Kazan, Russia and being a part of the Europlast Association of Enterprises.

Europlast includes 9 plants throughout Russia, which perform the full cycle, from producing raw materials and polymeric packages through recycling PET materials and the recovery of the
used packages under the full quality control at each stage.

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Europlast Plant in Kazan

420054, 25 V.Kulagina str. Kazan,
Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Office hours: 8: 00-17: 00 (Moscow time)

+7 499 938-89-30