New Rkeg

This is a 30L high-strength keg, capped with an A/G/S/D-type fitting with a pressure relief cap and equipped with unique removable elements  to facilitate its use

Removable elements

Removable elements from the additional set of the new Rkeg can be used multiple times.

Environmental friendliness

All the components of the new Reg are made of 100% recyclable materials, and the design allows it to be quickly and easily disassembled for recycling.
The use of the new Rkeg reduces carbon dioxide emissions during transportation and can reduce by dozens of percent the costs at each stage of delivery process.

Новый вид кеги

Safety criteria

The function of excess pressure relief integrated into the design of the keg fitting is more than 7.5 bar (for 2 hours)
Chemical resistance to alkaline solutions – 0.2%
Increased resistance to burst pressure – more than 8 bar
Successful puncture test – the safe nature of destruction (without the formation of many fragments)
Resistance to accidental fall from a height – at least 1.2 m
Resistance to mechanical damage
Great temperature range
The new Rkeg is a more economical and practical alternative to traditional stainless steel metal kegs
The new Rkeg can be used both for manual filling of drinks, and for semi-automatic and automatic filling lines without any additional financial costs
The design of the New Rkeg does not require the use of individual corrugated boxes at any stages of use: filling – storage – transportation – bottling
The new Rkeg is completely compatible with automatic lines for steel keg with bottom filling without the use of special adapters
The weight of the New Rkeg is approximately 15% of the weight of a steel keg of same capacity, and the design provides more convenient stacking, carrying, bottling, transportation and storage

Comparative characteristics of PET kegs

Rkeg Height (H) x Weight, Minimum wall thickness, mm Min. burst pressure, bar
Diameter (D),
gr. on the drawing actually as per specifications actually
585 х 288 400 0,30 0,34 7,0 7,9
610 х 288 550 0,48 0,49 8,0 > 9,0

Presentation. New Rkeg with an additional set