For manufacturers

Reducing expenses.

PET-keg does not require a compulsory return and can be recycled upon the first use.

Quick start with minimum investments.

No considerable capital investments or freezing of funds will be required to purchase or replenish the stock of metal kegs. Rkeg can be bought or manufactured in the necessary amounts.

Suitable for all keg-filling lines.

No additional investments, even for the lines intended for metal kegs.

Multiple use of Rkeg of increased strength is permissible only after testing, development of cleaning methods and obtaining permission from the relevant authorities in the country of use.

Adapter for changeover from metal keg to Rkeg without replacing your filling line.

Reliable deliveries.

We guarantee the uninterrupted supplies of Rkeg kits.

On-site plastic keg blowing kits

The kit includes a preform, a spear, and a tube.

Ready-for-filling Rkeg

It is delivered ready for use and filled with hygienic air or inert gas, according to the customer’s request.

Branding box

Possibility to brand our Rkeg gives manufacturers freedom in creating the visual images of their products.

Full technical support from an idea through the product.

We will help you launch the Rkeg production and filling line

We recommend partners to manufacture the complete line. We provide technical support in
starting and adjusting the equipment for Rkeg blowing, filling, capping, and packaging.

We will reconfigure your existing equipment to adjust it for the Rkeg kit

Any existing equipment can be transferred to the Rkeg kit for blowing and capping. Europlast
professionals will reconfigure your line and train your personnel.

Any more questions? We have answered the frequently asked questions.

Europlast includes 9 plants throughout Russia performing the full cycle, from producing raw materials through recycling PET materials, under the full quality control.