• Rkeg Safe and reliable
  • Keg spears Unique, patented
  • Green Rkeg New green Rkeg of increased strength
  • Eco-friendly Without additives and impurities
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Rkeg 30L 20L 10L and Party Keg 5L suit for various beverages and retain their original tastes.

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PET-keg it is even eco-friendlier than before, and 100% suitable for recycling.


It is extra strong. It withstands falling from the height of 1.2 m and the burst pressure of over 7 bar.


Rkeg is safe, and equipped with the automated overpressure-relief system.

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Its threaded spear is provided with a lock against untwisting.

The new keg spear is even safer

A new, two-tiered antibursting protection.

Increased strength

Its overall design, bottom design, and material distribution make the Rkeg incredibly strong and allow our PET-kegs to withstand:

Drop test at 1.2 m.

Puncture test

Chemical resistance test


is eco-friendly

Rkeg is manufactured from materials that are 100% suitable for recycling.

Rkeg needs no washing. You don’t waste water or detergents, and there are no wastes.

Rkeg is transported one way, which means less logistics and less environmental contamination.

Advantageous for points of sales

Easy to connect — it suits for all dispensing systems.

Easy disposal — no need to return. Just squash it and place into the container for plastics.

It is easy and safe to relieve pressure

New pressure-relief cap. Just put it on the spear and press until it clicks.

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Reliable deliveries

Rkeg is manufactured by Europlast, a plant located in Kazan, Russia and being a part of the Europlast Association of Enterprises. 25 years, we have been manufacturing the best packaging and guaranteeing uninterrupted deliveries..