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How will Rkegs help increase your revenues?

Rkegs improve the profitability of manufacturing, thanks to lower prices, lower delivery and
shipping costs, and single-use option. There is an opportunity to increase exports and expand
sales markets.

What is the burst probability of Rkegs?

If you follow the instructions for using Rkeg when filling, transporting and operating, Rkeg is
absolutely safe.

Follow the basic rules:

  • Rkeg must always be positioned strictly vertically.
  • Avoid contacting sharp objects.
  • Filling under the CO2 pressure exceeding 3 bar is prohibited.
  • Strictly prevent washing solutions from getting onto the Rkeg surface.
  • Always treat kegs with caution, according to the instructions.

What is the shelf life of the product stored in Rkeg?

Shelf life is affected by the product sterility, cooking process, filling process, and container
sterility. Rkeg storage conditions are very important, too. Rkeg must be in the box at all
stages of use.
Rkegs are delivered absolutely sterile and can ensure a shelf life equal to or longer than any
metal containers. Material they are made of protects against UV exposure.
Recommended shelf life for storage in a Rkeg is set by the manufacturer of the drink.

Does Rkeg need any additional sanitary treatment?

Rkegs to be blown are absolutely sterile and hermetically filled with hygienic air. Therefore,
they do not need any additional sanitation or washing with chemicals using special equipment.

Will I be able to fill Rkegs on my existing filling line?

Yes, you will, since PET kegs using adapters are compatible with all standard semi-automatic
and automatic lines for steel kegs. They do not need any devoted filling lines.

Is Rkeg suitable for recycling?

Yes, materials used in manufacturing Rkegs and their spears can be completely recycled if
disposed properly, they do not damage the environment.

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